International friends day

On the 9th of June 2016 the International Friends Day is celebrated. Though the history does not reveal where, when and who has established this unofficial holiday, it doesn’t make it less popular. This year Production Association Belorusneft also celebrates the holiday and gets the friends together. This day 33 fuel filling stations of branded chain of Production Association Belorusneft all over the country will be embraced by promotion action «Managers face to face with customers». 200 top-managers of the company will come out to express their friendly disposition to all the visitors of fuel filling stations. For a shift they will become fuelers, cashiers and coffee shop salesmen.
On friends day those visitors, who buy not less than 20 liters of any fuel at fuel filling stations, where the promotion action is held, will get a present.
Besides, on the 9th of June, Production Association Belorusneft will present 3% of discount for fuel to all loyalty card holders at all fuel filling stations of the chain.
Among the other advantages of the action – possibility for the customers to discuss advantages and disadvantages of the existing service with the managers of Production Association Belorusneft.
Timing: from 10-00 till 16-00 on the 9th June, 2016.