Cards, money, two cars!

Till the end of summer the prizes are given to clients of fuel filling  stations of «Belorusneft» every day.

Company «Belorusneft» launches an advertising game «Cards, money, two cars!», the prizes are:

- Every DAY you can get MONEY - 5 prizes- you can get 100.000 roubles on a mobile phone account;

- Every WEEK – you can get CARDS - 5 fuel cards-each with 500.000 roubles;

- Every MONTH – you can get a CAR. 

For participation in the game it is necessary to buy from July, 6th till August, 31st the accompanying goods and services with a card «Refuel profitably!» at the fuel filling stations of «Belorusneft» paying with a card «Refuel favourably!». If you buy for:

- 50.000 roubles a day - and you participate in draw of money prizes;

- 100.000 roubles a week - and you participate in draw of fuel cards;

- 300.000 roubles a month - and you participate in car draw.

To choose the quantity of applicants we use the principle of multiplicity of purchases (the sum divisible to 50000, to 100 000 and to 300 000 roubles). More purchases - more chances to get a prize. For each multiple  sum (divisible to 50 000. 100 000. 300 000 roubles) spent on the accompanying goods, the participant gets the additional participant number in draw of prizes.