Install gas cylinders since the 1 of April 2016 (the place where you do that doesn’t matter) and get premium 10%* discount for autogas by loyalty cards at Belorusneft filling station chain till the end of 2016!
*the discount is valid for the first 500 liters during each calendar month, after that the previous discount is applied.

In order to get a discount you have to:
1) print out and fill in an application for discounting (the form should be filled in by the owner of the vehicle – private individual),
2) send a scan (photo) of the filled-in and signed application with the attachments to the e-mail

The confirmation of discounting will be sent to the loyalty card holder by e-mail, written in the application form during 5 working days from the date of application receiving, after that the discount will be provided on presentation of a loyalty card.




Gas — in a purer fuel, when it’s burnt much less harmful substances emit into the air.


Gas doesn’t contain harmful impurities, that is why it burns almost entirely, without depositing on the pistons, valves and heating plugs. Octane number of liquefied gas – 100-110, which practically excludes detonation.


The cost of autogas is less than the cost of gasoline. Due to the lack of harmful impurities in gas composition, they do not subside in motor oils. This allows changing oil less often.


Total distance per 1 filling operation doubles. You will get two fuel tanks: for gasoline and for gas. This is very convenient, when driving for long distances. Gas cylinders allow switching the car back and forth from gas to gasoline on- the- fly, not stepping out of the car.


Gas fuel is kept in the car in a pressure-proof gas cylinder, the design of the cylinder guarantees its safety during the lifetime and prevents damage even in a car accident. Gas cylinder actually copies gasoline fuel-supply system, which minimizes risks of engine malfunction due to fuel system problems.

Gift certificates (Minsk city)

Gift certificates by Belorusneft – give your loved ones good mood and  quality fuel!

To buy and redeem Belorusneft gift certificates is easy at any filling station of the branded chain, located in Minsk. The certificates are available with nominal 200, 300 and 500 thousand rubles.  Paying with it you can not only get quality fuel, but also any of the accessory goods.

Remember, that gift certificates have period of validity, during which they have to be deemed (the period of validity is shown on the certificate).

The details of utilization of gift certificates you can find here.

Buy insurance and fuel profitably!

Joint promotional offer by Belorusneft and Belneftestrakh!

Sign an insurance contract «Green card» at sales offices of Belneftestrakh and get Belorusneft loyalty card as a present.

Belneftestrakh gives discounts to all the participants of the loyalty program for voluntary insurance contracts, participating in the promotional offer.

When signing an insurance contract "Green card", Belorusneft in its turn provides an additional 2% discount by loyalty cards in a month, following the month of signing the contract (not higher than maximum possible according to the scale)

Belneftestrakh provides to the insurants- loyalty cards holders discounts for the following services:

  • Travel accident insurance  – 15 %;
  • Motor insurance – 5 %;
  • Contents insurance (except for insurance program «Home express») – 10 %;
  • Civil liability insurance – 5 %;
  • Insurance of buildings (except for insurance program «Box product») – 10 %;
  • Casualty insurance (except for insurance options «Standard», «Standard plus», «Friendly», «Guarantor») – 10 %.