No. 1 filling station network

Belorusneft filling station network has won yet another «National Brand» award.

According to the last year results Belorusneft has won the prestigious «National Brand 2015» award in the «Best Filling Station Network» category.

«National Brand» is an annual national award in which the best products and services of the country are selected via consumer open voting in the mass media. The contest is supervised by the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Belarus. «National Brand» is the main award for enterprises of the country given only by consumers. The award symbol is a new original quality mark of goods and services represented in Belarus which have earned popular acknowledgement. Receiving the «National Brand» award by open national vote allows the winner to be considered as the market leader and use the award symbol on the packaging of its products as a sign of acknowledgement by the consumers.

Proprietary network of Belorusneft filling stations gained this honorary award not by accident. Belorusneft is continuously improving its services within the brand filling station network, offering new features which might come in handy on the road. However, apart from their number we focus on making our multipurpose filling facilities even more ergonomic: so that the entire set of services at Belorusneft filling stations is easy to use. Special focus is given to cleaning and improvement of sanitary services at the station premises.

This year the brand filling station network of Belorusneft will continue its modernization and expansion. It is expected to reconstruct 14 filling complexes and build 23 new filling stations within the system of oil products supply of Belorusneft in 2015.

To attract foreign customers the network, where Belorusneft fuel cards are accepted, expands in Russia: now there are 40 filling stations on the main driving directions of traffic. In 2015 it is planned to organize an acceptance of Belorusneft fuel card in Europe and in the eastern part of the Russian Federation, which will increase its competitiveness and will change its status from a national to a true international fuel card.