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Filling station network

Belorusneft proprietary sales network is the largest in the Republic of Belarus:

– more than 570 filling stations and above 65% of their number are located in the Republic of Belarus;
– equal distribution of filling stations on the territory of the republic, including international roads, alongside border crossing, in regional and district centers.

Fuel types

At Belorusneft proprietary filling station one can fuel with:

92 RON, 92 RON, 95 RON,



Fuel quality

Belorusneft guarantees high-quality of oil products sold by it. In order to fulfill this obligation, it has implemented system of continuous monitoring of the quality of motor fuels through a network of accredited laboratories in the tank farms and a mobile laboratory.


At Belorusneft filling stations the clients find a wide range of services among which:

  • Service station;
  • Tyre fitting and wheel balance;
  • Automatic and hand car washing, carpet cleaning;
  • Filling washer bottle up;
  • Shops;
  • Cafes;
  • Insurance;
  • Hotels;
  • Light and heavy vehicle stops;
  • Toll road use
  • Rental of trailers.

To find a filling station which provides service that you are interested in, please, use Find a station.

Payment option

You can pay for our goods and services at our filling stations in the following ways:

  • on a cash basis in Belarusian rubles;
  • using bank card of Visa, Mastercard and Belcard systems;
  • using Belnefteproduct AZS-service electronic card;
  • using fuel card Berlio, Aris, DKV, UTA, Е-100, Petrol Plus Region, Avtoil, Russian Fuel Union, Transit Card, WOG, Transoil, Statoil, Neftika, Motom, Novatorrus-Invest, ASP-Group, Inforkom.

To find a filling station where specific payment options are available for buying goods and services, please use the Find a station.

Enjoy your trip, we’ll take care of the rest!

92 RON