Infringement of toll road payment

Observance of instructions for use of paid or toll highways is provided with the authorized employees of Transport inspection of the Ministry of transport and communications of Belarus with use of stationary and mobile points of control.

The following cases are infringements of payment:


  • Absence of the onboard device on a vehicle obligated on fare;
  • Absence of payment fixed on the onboard device;
  • Use of the broken onboard device;
  • Use of the onboard device, which does not allow to make a payment;
  • Use of the onboard device out of order;
  • A misuse of the onboard device intended for vehicles free from fare on paid (toll) roads;

According the article 57 of Government Regulation «About an order of collection payment from the vehicles on paid highways of Belarus» in a case of the fact of infringement of payment order for the toll highways, the payment is payed in increased size which is paid by the proprietor (owner) of a vehicle.

The proofs of the fact of non-payment and (or) incomplete payment are:

  • information which is given automatically by the monitoring system of payment, including the  time, the date and the place of crossing the station of gathering payment;
  • the fact of nonpayment or partial payment by the authorized official of Transport inspection.

In case of revealing the infringement of payment, the authorized official of Transport inspection draws up the statement of the infringement including the requirement about payment in the increased amount and the receipt with instructions of the sum of  payment in the increased size.

The infringer has the right to pay immediately in the increased size or not later than in 30 days from the moment of drawing up the statement of infringement.

Payment in the increased size, the requirement about payment concerning the proprietor (owner) of the vehicle which is a non-resident of Belarus can be paid in euro or US dollars, Belarus roubles, Russian roubles.

The sum of payment for toll highways of Belarus in the increased size (it is confirmed by the Decision of the Ministry of transport and communications of Belarus from 6/17/2013 year №21)

 Vehicle category Quantity of axes (wheels) The sum of  payment in the increased size, euro
In case of the fact of incomplete payment In case of nonpayment 
Vehicle with admissible mass up to 3,5 tons not applied 50 100
Vehicle with admissible mass more than 3,5 tons 2 130 260
4 and more