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6/28/19 11:50 AM

Information on fuel prices and discounts.

1. Liquefied petroleum gas of the PBA (autogas) brand, sold through the network of Belorusneft filling stations, is produced at the Belarusian Gas Processing Plant. To produce it Belorusneft mainly uses imported raw materials, the price of which depends on world prices. In addition to the cost of raw materials, the price of gas takes into account issues related to delivery and sales at gas stations. At the same time, the price is formed taking into account the minimum rate of profitability, which makes it possible to support the work and systematic development of the network of gas filling stations. With a decrease in retail prices for gas, PBA (autogas) Belorusneft will be forced to stop investment programs, in order to decrease the operating shifts at a number of gas filling stations.

2. The sale of fuel at the maximum allowable price without discounts is caused by the current business conditions in the retail market of petroleum products of the Republic of Belarus, including taking into account the cost of purchasing fuel, delivering it to gas stations, the cost of maintaining gas stations and a petroleum tank farms (including taxes, depreciation and etc.). In addition, Belorusneft performs an important social role - it provides fuel to regions located away from highways and major cities. Despite the fact that currently Belorusneft does not have the opportunity to offer discounts on fuel when selling through gas stations, we are looking for opportunities to continue customer incentive programs. These include discounts on customer loyalty cards up to 5% on related products, making every 6th cup of coffee (once per month) for free, monthly super prize draws.