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FLAGMAN antifreez

7/13/21 2:47 PM

Brand antifreeze FLAGMAN is represented by two types: G-11 (green and blue) and G-12 (red) with a volume of 900 ml and 4 liters.

They have high performance properties that provide reliable protection of the cooling system and the engine from corrosion and scale, overheating and freezing. Designed for cooling car engines at temperatures from -35 to + 108 °C. 

Antifreeze G-11 is made on the basis of high-quality ethylene glycol with the use of ANSER mineral additive. Ingredients: ethylene glycol, desalinated water, anticorrosive, stabilizing, anti-foaming mineral additives, dye.

Antifreeze G-12 is made on the basis of high-quality ethylene glycol using a concentrate of the carboxylate additive HAVOLINE XLB (ATECO, Belgium) without silicates, phosphates, amines and nitrites. The HAVOLINE XLB additive has a low decomposition rate and provides long-term protection without replacement for 5 years (mileage-for passenger cars 250 thousand km, for trucks-650 thousand km).

On sale at all Belorusneft gas stations.

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